Plant Dietas

JUNE 29th – JULY 13th, 2018

jungle scene #3This is a journey into the Peruvian region of Pucallpa, which lies on the Ucayali River, and from there traveling by land and river into a remote area of the jungle. We will undergo a Plant Dieta in the traditional way under the guidance and direction of an Ayahuasquero and Maestro. These plant dietas take place in a pristine setting in a beautiful encampment where the work with Ayahuasca ceremonies and Teacher Plants has a deep and profound effect. The Dietas include working with a specific Master Teacher Plant/s, a strict traditional diet, silence, lots of inner contemplation, and participation in five ayahuasca ceremonies. These journeys are by invitation only, and for those who have previously worked with ayahuasca, and with whom, by prior association we can ascertain their preparedness for an experience of this intensity. For more information and a detailed explanation of what is involved in a Plant Dieta, please enquire.

LENGTH: 15 days, includes travel days  •  Group limited to 19 persons
COST: $1,750.00 
INCLUDES: Food and lodging in Pucallpa (double occupancy), and the jungle (single occupancy); land and boat transportation to the jungle; airport pick-up in Pucallpa.
NOT INCLUDED: International airfare to Lima; airfare Lima to Pucallpa; accommodations in Lima; airport taxes and personal expenses.


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