What people say about their journeys:

How does one put a life-changing experience into words? Although I have been participating in shamanic work since 1997 and had several important and remarkable breakthroughs in my personal growth through this path, nothing I have ever experienced compares to the Dieta to which I was lead by Jaya Bear. To some, the conditions of the dieta may sound rigorous; instead, I found them to be a clear path to an ecstatic experience of enlightenment. Understanding the nature of reality, navigating the nagual and tonal, understanding my purpose in life, these are but a few of the enlightenments I had on the dieta. I did not want to leave. I cannot wait to return. This experience was worth everything necessary to obtain it. I have the highest regard for Jaya and the shamanic guide to which she led us.
— Jubi, North Carolina

The most important physical and spiritual healing experience in my life. I would not trade my adventures with Puma Shamanic Journeys for anything I have ever done. Puma Shamanic Journeys (Jaya Bear) is the perfect host into the wonderful, mysterious, spiritual and healing world of the Amazonian jungle. I have been back twice since and plan on making an annual pilgrimage from now on!
— Jim, Cleveland, Tennessee

Aya Testimonials

Even thought I do not communicate often you are always in my heart in a special place with the Maestro. It’s been five years now since my journey to Peru and I can say that I have never been the same since.  I left Montreal confused and carrying within me old wounds that had refused to heal and  made my life difficult. I came back my heart healed, restored to its childhood wonder. For sure it took me a few months to realize all the blessings I had received but I can say that today, 5 years later, the process of inner opening that was initiated one magical evening with the Madre Ayahuasca has never stopped, it keeps growing within me like a sacred Vine bringing wonders and deep realizations. Overall it has made my life so much more beautiful and also useful for others. Since then the Bobinsana spirit has never left, continuing teaching me.
For all this and much more I am ever thankful to you, to the Maestro, and naturally to the Madre.
I always wanted to to go back, to be with all of you “I miss you”.
May the Gods bless you for all the good you bring to others.
— Michel, Canada

As a gentleman, 51 years of age, who has sustained a life long quest for spiritual evolution and personal healing, I sincerely report that nothing can compare with the terrific power of the Ayahuasca and the ceremony of the Peruvian Ayahuasquero. I have achieved a true Homecoming that radiates from the core of Being out to all aspects of my life and relationships.
Even though the plant dieta was an exotic, intense submersion into the beautifully strange world of the Amazon rain forest, I always felt lovingly and expertly cared for. In all the preparations for the trip and from the moment I stepped off the plane in Lima, Peru, Puma Shamanic Journeys ensured that even the smallest detail was handled with grace and ease. I wish to express my overwhelming appreciation – thank you Jaya and Maestro D.J.
— B.R., Gallup, New Mexico

I went on a search to find an ayahuasca shaman. I was seeking physical and psychological health and spiritual renewal. After many, many disappointments, I met Jaya Bear who led me to the most remarkable shaman, with the most powerful medicine. Here I received everything I was looking for and much more. In truth there are no words to express adequately what I have received.
-Josie Hyde, Santa Barbara, California

I believe no one alive could avoid benefiting from drinking ayahuasca in the proper setting. This medicine is a true blessing to all who are privileged to find it, is very strong, and is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to confront your demons then it’s probably not for you. And if you do, there is simply no more direct route. To get the best out of ayahuasca, an experienced trustworthy guide is essential, as is a safe setting. Jaya Bear of Puma Shamanic Journeys provides both with careful consideration down to the finest detail, and with impeccable integrity of a level hardly found anymore in the modern world.
— Lee Driver, Taos, New Mexico

Working with the plant medicine in Peru has led me to the most spiritually profound experiences of my life. I see that everyone has their own journey that is perfect for them and for me. I discovered self-love. I saw many times my gifts and strengths and still feel the inner security and peace that comes with this knowledge. Meditation has become easier for me and more relevant to my life since I began my work with the medicine. I have always been a seeker and I can’t think of any other experience in my life that produced such powerful and accelerated results in such short time.

I believe that certainly a very important piece of my journey has been the love, support, protection, and guidance that I felt from Jaya Bear, the shaman who was our guide, and the absolutely incredible support team in Peru that honestly took care of my every need. I think that because of this I was able to relax, trust and go deep inside myself knowing that I was always well cared for. I will return again next year knowing that whatever is next for me to grow into will be there waiting for me.”
— Vicki Allen, LISW and Reiki Master, New Mexico

Wonderful! My journey started out magically…but I ended up in the arms of Heaven! It was a life changing experience for me!
— Alicia, Atlanta, Georgia



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