Book Cover: Amazon MagicAmazon Magic
The Life Story of Ayahuasquero & Shaman Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez
by Jaya Bear

Page after page, this fascinating account reveals a Peruvian shaman’s spiritual and visionary encounters with plant, water and jungle spirits. Narrated in his own words, it describes incidents from his childhood in a small jungle town beside the Amazon River, early and present day experiences with the plant medicine known as ayahuasca, a year of living with an Indian tribe in the remote depths of the jungle, adventures with dolphins, jaguars. and boas, his current healing work, and more. A rare insight into the forces that helped shape the life of a profound healer who is now highly regarded in many parts of the world.
Quality paperback · 6X9 · 240 pages with B&W photographs.
$15.95 U.S. dollars + $3.50 S&H within the U.S., $5.50 shipping to Canada, $10.00 shipping to Europe

Book Cover: Ayahuasca Songs from the Peruvian AmazonLuis Panduro Vasquez
Ayahuasca Songs from the Peruvian Amazon
Recorded Live in the Jungle

These indigenous ayahuasca songs are recorded live in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. The ayahuasquero who is conducting a ceremony, sings these traditional and sacred songs with the intent for creating an environment of healing and protection for the participants in the ceremony, Ayahuasca, a visionary and healing plant medicine, has been used by Amazonian shamans for millennia.
One hour and ten minutes of continuous singing.
Produced and recorded by Jaya Bear.
$15.00 U.S. dollars + $3.00 S&H within the U.S., $3.50 shipping to Canada, $5.50 shipping to Europe

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